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Hello & welcome

My name is Jasmin. I am based in sunny Queensland Australia & Dream of Shangri-La is my journey.The name Dream of Shangri-La is taken from a book by James Hilton written in 1933.  Shangri-La is thought to be a mythical place cut off from the troubles of the world. A permanently happy land of peace & love.All garments are personally designed with love & soul by myself and produced by my beautiful team you can read more about on my website. Quality clothing is something I am passionate about. Having a garment, you can treasure through the years is one of the most special things about fashion. The memories we make and the self-expression we share through our fashion choices reflects your unique complexity as a human being.I am beyond happy to share with you my free-spirited style and can’t wait to see the memories you create in Dream of Shangri-La. Love x